We Live In Iowa


I grew up in the metropolitan area that we currently live. Although, on the Illinois side–and now we live on the Iowa side. I remember referring to Iowans as Idiots Out Walking Around {sorry Iowa friends! ;P }. Now we’re temporary transplants… I guess that makes me an Idiot ;).

I never intended to live again in the place where I grew up, and yet…there is something familiar about this place. Also, it’s the first place we’ve ever lived where we actually had our own yard. Win! And the first place we will have lived in long enough to actually attempt to garden vegetables. Double Win! And I truly mean attempt. I am a pale yellow thumb at best. But years of killing plants is finally paying off! I’m excited for Spring to roll in so we can try our hand at this whole urban mini homesteading thing. I bought Mr. Hummer a morel mushroom starter kit… more on that in the coming months.

Friends! Send me ALL your gardening advice. We are in desperate need πŸ™‚



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