xOXo Idaho


A journey always begins with a launching off point. Ours happened to be Rexburg, ID. Or maybe I should say it was our launching ON point. Either way, this is where we melded two lives into one and began to dream about where we would end up, how many kids we would have, what our life would look like, what our careers would be.

For the most part, those goals have almost always been the same.

Build a house
Have babies
Own a large plot of land
Become financially grounded
Travel the world

Since our journey began in Idaho here’s one story to set the scene for this blog. 6 of the first 10 months of our marriage we spent living in a 550 sq/ft one bedroom apartment. The complex was called Lexington Apartments. They should have been condemned when we lived there… Alas, they still exist. I hope that means they got better management and a serious internal overhaul. But I digress.

We lacked a bed for a long time. So we slept in a makeshift sleeping bag mattress on the floor. That is, until an opportunity for a beautiful full size bed fell into our laps. But we had no way of transporting the bed to our house. Mr. Hummer, in all his glory, was bold enough to ask some unsuspecting bystanders on the street if we could borrow their truck in exchange for helping them move their stuff into their new apartment. To my amazement and shock they agreed. I was embarrassed to ask, but I’m grateful my husband was bold in that moment so we could have a real bed to sleep on. We kept that {used} mattress until it had a sunken hole in the middle and our first child was born 4 years later.



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