The Best Butt Balm


When I still only had one baby and was trying to save money by cloth diapering we ran into a pretty nasty chronic yeasty rash problem.

This was due mostly to my listening to internet vomit about cloth diapers and being afraid to use bleach to clean them. Now I’ve basically just given up on cloth diapering for completely unrelated reasons… But this oil still has its place in our home.

Little kids learning the tricks of the potty are notoriously bad at wiping themselves and so itchy-bum-syndrome persists. Also, if you find yourself eating too many cookies, candida can make a lovely grand entrance.

Calendula flowers (aka Pot Marigold) are well known for their skin healing properties. I use this oil on my hands as a lotion if they get rashy from washing my hands too much, on all babies’ bums as needed and other skin abrasions or sores. Once I started using this stuff I never needed any other kind of butt cream or paste and rashes never persisted more than a day or so. As always, an herb’s work is best noticed in consistent applications. For particularly crusty rashes apply oil after every diaper change or every few hours until symptoms subside.

Where to buy Calendula Flowers.

Butt Balm – Calendula Infused Oil
1 clean pint jar with a lid
2C Dried Calendula flowers
Olive Oil

Fill your pint jar with Calendula flowers. Pour in Olive oil until the jar is full. Cap the jar and let sit in a cool dark* place for at least one week. Strain out the herbs and use topically as needed.

*I’ve read conflicting recommendations for whether to put an oil infusion in the sun or not. I err on the side of not letting the sun oxidize everything that’s going on inside the jar. Others err on the side of using the sun to warm the oil and apparently enhancing it’s infusing abilities. I’ve had success with both methods.

**These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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