Re-Writable Alphabet Pages

I’ve been doing my own version of “The Morning Menu” in our homeschool, which I lovingly call Spiderwood School. If you aren’t familiar with morning menus, check out Treehouse Schoolhouse’s explanation. I’ve had to switch it up a number of times because originally I was having to switch out papers every week! Which ultimately meant I was always about two weeks or more behind whatever our current lessons were.

I had an epiphany yesterday morning that I could just put every letter we’d be discussing for the month on one pageThank the lucky stars. I thought you’d like to have it for your own home, pre-school, whatever. Now I only have to update the entire menu once a month. So I designed it all and turned it into a printable for you. Click here to get your own copy.

My kids LOVE their morning menu. We can do weather, calendar, math, and writing all in one spot during breakfast and I don’t have to print a gazillion pages that will just end up in the compost anyway. We all win.

Click the pictures and they will link to my online shop. Or just click here.


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