A Homeless Birth Story

When I was pregnant with our second born child we lived in a garage.

Up to that point, the garage was probably the biggest place we had ever lived… And what makes this story even better is that we had moved into this garage after learning a $10,000 lesson about what NOT to do and came back to a place who’s rental market was abysmal for a renter. We had a duplex, with a yard!, lined up. It was perfect. We would move in, a month or so before the baby was born. It had everything we wanted in a home at the time.

But the date of availability kept getting pushed back and pushed back because the tenants were trying to close on a house and it wasn’t without challenge, and the wife had just had twins.

And then the duplex burned down.

I could not believe it actually burned down.

I was too pregnant for comfort, and in denial about giving birth to a baby in a garage. And there were forest fires with lots of smoke. Suffice it to say, her due date eeked ever closer and the rental scene remained terrible. So in the garage we stayed. My expectations for post partum were very low because my previous experience had taught me that babies never stop crying and there is hardly any relief from the pacing around the kitchen table and the first year of a new baby’s life is just plain terrible.

I had a lot of PTSD associated with post-partum. It didn’t really help that my first baby was just barely 18 months old when the second baby was born. My heart broke in half for her. She had to grow up so quickly. But I digress.

The actual day of birth far surpassed my expectations. Not so hard to do, I don’t think. I knew that Friday night, that this baby was going to be born the next morning. And she was. I woke up after a blissful night’s sleep (which was a rare commodity) at 5:30 AM and I knew it was go time. My husband began to fill the birthing tub that we had waiting for us…another lesson we had learned. My in-laws eagerly awaited in the living room next door with Luci. We called the midwives. They arrived around 7:30 AM. And with more ease than I thought was possible our spunky, hilarious Zoe was born at 11:30 Saturday morning.

We have to meet our babies before we can settle on a name, but we were pretty sure this one was a Zoe. It was her middle name that we couldn’t settle on.

Remember the forest fires that were blazing around us?

Well, it had been raining all morning. That beautiful August morning. And the smoke cleared. She had brought the rain, so Rain became her middle name. And she was a blessing to behold. I thought there was something wrong with her because she just slept and ate and pooped and slept some more. Surely, it was too easy. Everything surrounding her pregnancy prior to her birth was like a nightmare…

I had a Placenta Previa which is where the placenta is covering your cervix.
So I was planning a C-section after having one successful home-birth.
We got the news that it moved out of the way of my cervix the week we moved into the garage (I was 20 weeks).
We were living in a garage.
She was breech until the very last possible moment.
We were on a complete 180 career change for my husband. And thus completely broke.
Our house burned down before we ever got to live there.
And shortly after she was born a rat infestation started to take over the garage… by then we had moved back into the one bedroom house on my in-law’s property. Thank goodness!

Having an easy baby and an incredibly beautiful birth was like eating a delicious ice cream sundae while the world burned around us. It was the best damn sundae I ever had.

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