Hi, we are the Guerra family and we love to go hiking, camping, exploring outside, learning about our surroundings, and taking care of our little bedheads. We believe  there is so much to learn and are honored to share our life with you. We have so many stories to share and things we’ve learned along our way. So we started an Instagram and a YouTube account to document our adventures. We also keep a log that you can read. We hope you will join us and Come as you are. Ask lots of questions. Live with purpose. Explore with us.

If we inspire you to come, ask, live, or explore your world, please share your stories with #bedheadsexplore and tag us @thebedheadfamily. We are thrilled to be part of your lives! Thanks for joining ours.

I’m Paul. Daddy of the bedheads. I grew up in Southern Oregon, the land of faeries and mushrooms. I met Caitlin in Idaho the land of ice, wind, and not fire. We were married in Nauvoo, Illinois. I am a Physical Therapist and an author. I like learning how to do random things for fun.

I’m Caitlin. Some people call me Caito. I’m the mama of the bedheads. I grew up in Northwestern Illinois, and left for undergrad to Idaho. I studied studio art and got a degree in Music from BYU-I. Met Paul when we literally crashed into each other at a dance. I was 19 when we got married! I’ve always been a wanderer and an explorer. I love to build things, grow things, and make music.

Hi, I’m Luci. I am the oldest bedhead! I just turned 6. I was born in Southern Oregon and have moved 8 times in my life. I love to dance, and explore. I love anything that is pink, and I have millions of questions about how the world works. My baby brother is my special love. I love to spend time with my family.

I’m Zoe. I’m the middlest bedhead. I’m 4 and was born in a garage in Southern Oregon. I’ve moved 6 times in my life. I love to make up stories and will talk to anyone who cares to listen to them. I also pretty much always have my nose in a book.

I’m Peter. I’m the littlest bedhead. I’m 2 and was born in Iowa. I’ve moved 3 times in my life. I LOVE motorcycles and I like to sing loud, talk loud, and make people laugh. My mama is my special love.

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