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A series of posts about herbal medicine and what has worked for me and my family so far.

“It’s always best to stay as close to nature as possible” — My Mother

I am often pleasantly surprised at the increasing interest people have in natural remedies and herbal medicines. Myself included. As I began my own journey finding baby-safe, inexpensive, and effective remedies for common ailments about a year ago this brand new world opened up to me.

Now my philosophy includes my mother’s, and has gone a step further. We are religious, and the scriptures are full of random tidbits about herbs, and how we need to learn about them and how to use them. And if I truly believe that all things that come from the Earth are constituted for the benefit and use of man, then herbs and herbal medicine would also belong to that category.

I don’t mean that I have completely abandoned modern western medicine (and interestingly, many pharmaceuticals cannot be synthesized in a lab because the chemical constituents are too complex. Know where they get them? Herbs!). But in general, I really believe that modern medicine’s approach to health is more like a “let’s treat the symptoms and section the body into separate parts because the body is broken.” Herbal medicine is more like “the body as a whole wants to heal itself, and if we provide the proper environment for it to do that, it will.” Obviously, emergencies are a different situation entirely… et al.

Also, in my experience, everything in life that is good requires continuous diligence, and refocus. Have a degree you want to get? We know procrastinating the homework only leads to disaster. Can we binge eat and feel great? Not that I’ve seen. How about showering once a week? Or accomplishing anything worth accomplishing, really? It all takes daily effort. Same with having a generally healthy body. And it’s exactly the same when trying to use herbs to heal from sickness.

I also believe that herbal medicine should not be ridiculously expensive i.e. any new product on the market that claims to have incredible powers for healing or keeping you young or making you be healthy, or claiming miraculous things, oh and by the way it costs $70 dollars for a bottle or worse: pharmaceutical drugs that cost $100+. All the best things in life really come without monetary price (family, friendships, knowledge… weeds ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). It goes without saying that we have set up our society to run on money, I get that. And yes, herbs and medicine making products cost money… it also costs money for a marriage license, and a degree. And I hope you don’t have to buy your friendships… but I hope you get what I mean.

Anyway, I wish I had the actual quote… but my favorite quote about herbal medicine goes something like this:

“It is useful to know many ailments and the herbs that benefit them, but better even to know many uses for one herb.”

*disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. I am not saying any or all of these things will work for you or yours. I write simply for educational purposes only ๐Ÿ™‚

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